Saturday, December 13, 2014

District Fall Technology Report

This video was a collaboration of the Technology Instructional Leaders: Bryan Ennis (Miller-Driscoll), Jason Greasley (Cider Mill), Tim Ley (Middlebrook), Amy Korn (WHS). Our district webmaster: Skip Ploss and our library media specialists: Lori Ellis (Middlebrook) and Barbara Lyons (WHS).

How Will I Make 2015 The Best Year For My Students?

In 2015, my Associate Principal and I have proposed to our board of education a 1:1 pilot with a group of approximately 50 incoming freshman students using Chrome books. As a Business Education teacher that teaches many of our computer courses and the Technology Instructional Leader for my high school, I will play a critical role in developing and supporting the teachers and students who will be involved in the pilot. I will be teaching a course or pull-out to the students involved that will include the full immersion of Google applications including a student portfolio. In my teaching role, I also plan to continue rolling out and incorporating Google applications in all 5 different courses I will teach this spring: AP Computer Science, Computer Skills and Keyboarding, Computer Applications, Accounting 1 and 2 including the use of Google Classroom, G-class folders, Doctopus, Goobric and other add-ons. This spring and summer I will be re-designing both the Computer Applications and Computer Skills courses to fully integrate Google Drive applications.

I was the leader in bringing Google Apps to our high school four years ago and this year we launched a new district wide Google Apps domain which we are currently piloting in all of our schools. As the technology instructional leader, I will continue sharing my learning with the staff in my school to better incorporate Google applications across our curriculum since we do not have staffing dedicated to technology integration. Additionally, I will share my learning with the technology instructional leaders in our other schools after attending this event.